Soft Skills Training

In this fast-changing world, keeping up with technology and the required skill sets can be daunting. With technology comes a specific need for specialized etiquette surrounding professionalism. On top of all the technical skills needed to perform daily work tasks, industry professionals are also required to obtain skills that foster professionalism while using emails, phone calls, and texts, as well as the increasing demand for video conferencing. To help bridge the divide, ICG’s training department is working behind the scenes to add soft skills training to its offerings.  

One such training has a focus on email composition and protocol. Every email sent has the ability to impact the recipient, and we aim to raise awareness surrounding this impact and coach employees toward making that impact a positive one. Everyone has, at some point, gotten an ambiguous email that leaves more questions than answers, and can likely relate to the frustration that comes with that. Therefore, teaching the importance of communicating clearly aims to cut down on the back and forth of email miscommunication and inefficiency. Especially during this time of year where many are down to the wire with deadlines, it is important to remember timeliness and follow up when responding to emails. To further assist with communication, the training discusses conveyed tone. Something as simple as a greeting or closing can have a profound impact on the reader’s perceived tone of the message. Changing even these simple elements can change the whole tone of a conversation between people. 

Despite the rapidity of technological changes, it is important to remember that conducting yourself politely and professionally will always be a classic, no-fail recipe for success. So from us to you, happy drafting this holiday season!